lvaip benefitsBeing a member of the Lehigh Valley Aging in Place Coalition provides organizations and professionals with countless benefits to grow professionally, serve seniors, and strengthen relationships within the industry. Below is a list of benefits of being a Lehigh Valley Aging in Place Member. 

  1. Access to monthly networking events around the Lehigh Valley. Attendance typically ranges from 30 - 70 people so bring your business cards and brochures and be prepared to make some connetions. We encourgae members to get to know one another and schedule one-on-one meetings.
  2. You may also have the opportunity to host a networkign event / mixer and showcase your facilities and organization.
  3. Join the education committee. There are many events in the community from internal corporate wellness fairs to community health fairs we can get you out in the community.
  4. Join the Speaker's Bureau. If you are a subject matter expert or have a topic that you are passionat about then we want to add you to our list. Many community groups seek LVAIP and request speakers for their events.
  5. Run for a board seat or join a committee. The best way to know others and strenghten relationships is to serve at some capacity. Each spring there are board elections. There are also multiple opportunities to serve on one of our committees. 
  6. Be an event sponsor. We have a lot of events: mixers, the October Dance, LV Senior Expo, bingos and other sporadic opportunities. These represent opportunities to get your name out there!
  7. Use our logo. As a member you can use our logo in your marketing materials to let your prospects and clients know that you are part of an organization that helps seniors.
  8. Members all receive a listing online in our web site Directory
  9. Members who renew or apply by the anual resoure guide deadline will also receive a listing the annual guide. We print 10,000 copies. 
  10. As a member we promote your news, activities, and events to our membership and others via email blasts, our online event calendar and Facebook. 
  11. Request your LVAIP Holder to display our books in your office.
  12. Have an expert video of yourself produced and shared on our website. Email for details.

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Member Expectations

  • Recommend and refer other fellow members.
  • Attend monthly mixers and other LVAIP events in order to maximize your membership
    and network with other professionals.
  • Promote and participate in LVAIP educational/community events.
  • Promote LVAIP as an education resource. We are always searching for new places tospeak and exhibit. If you find a new location for an Educational Event, please contact a
  • board member.
  • Display LVAIP resource guides and information at your place of business and at locations
    where you may exhibit or attend functions.
  • Use the LVAIP logo on your marketing material whenever possible.
  • Get involved. Join a committee, attend an event or volunteer your time.