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Membership does have its privileges with Lehigh Valley Aging in Place. LVAIP is recognized throughout the Lehigh Valley as THE place where trusted and respected companies and organizations provide advice and resources to help seniors live as safe and independent as possible.

Members can join committees that educate, inform, and give back to our communities by volunteering. At LVAIP Events and Mixers, you can create and strengthen the high value relationships with other members helping to serve our seniors. To see if you qualify for membership in LVAIP, please go to our membership page and complete the online application.

For information on Community Education please click here.

LVAIP is creating a video library on an array of topics that will be hosted on our web site and YouTube channel, and also posted on the Facebook page. We need you to sign up to have your video created on your area of expertise. Watch the video below to learn about the program:

Click Here to Sign Up for Your Video

Each video will be approximately two minutes long. Each LVAIP member will have the opportunity to select one (1) topic by Friday, March 4, 2019, first come first served. After that, members who wish to create additional videos on additional topics may do so using the same Google sheet. Please check the list of others who have signed up to make sure that you are not duplicating topics, including reviewing previous topics recorded from 2018 (either look above in the Video Gallery of Experts at the top of page or click the Spring 2018 tab in the Google sign-up sheet).


What Topic Should I Choose?

Your video shall be educational in nature and not a sales pitch. Select a topic relevent to your industry; something that explains your service or a frequently asked question. For example, What is Memory Care? How does non-medical home care help seniors stay safe at home? Why do I need a living will? What are some of the signs of early stage dementia? How can I talk to my parents about moving to senior living?

Can I Use My Video in My Own Marketing

Yes, you will be able to embed the video to your web site and share in your social media and other marketing efforts. You will be recognized in the video with your name, title and organization. LVAIP will brand all videos with their logo. 

When Will I Record My Video?

Videos will be captured in half hour time slots at Thrive Media's office, 4847 Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18106 (park behind building, enter through side door, go up stairs and go inside 2nd floor door). Click here to sign up.

What Should I Wear?

Videos will be shot on a green screen so DO NOT wear green. Solid colors work best. 

What Will the Video Shoot Be Like?

You will stand in front of the camera and lights and talk about your topic that you signed up for. You may bring an outline or cards to use to prompt yourself or you may email Jeff your questions in advance to ask you in a Q & A style interview. 

How Much Will My Video Cost?

$95 for each video

Have more questions? Email Jeff 

Upcoming LVAIP Events

14 Dec 2022
04:00PM - 06:00PM
December Mixer
17 Dec 2022
12:00PM - 05:00PM
Wreaths Across America

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