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Members can join committees that educate, inform, and give back to our communities by volunteering. At LVAIP Events and Mixers, you can create and strengthen the high value relationships with other members helping to serve our seniors. To see if you qualify for membership in LVAIP, please go to our membership page and complete the online application.

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Senior Move Manager Jill Kearney Presents to Industry Professionals at AmericasMart Atlanta

“How to take advantage of a niche’ market that is growing to the tune of 3.5 million customers a year,” was the subject of a presentation to real estate stagers and decorators at the semi-annual AmericasMart event in Atlanta.  “At a time when so many boomers aged 55+ are moving to a more care-free lifestyle in modern senior communities, there is much to do to get the current house sold and to get themselves moved,” says local Lehigh Valley business woman, Jill Kearney.

Kearney founded Senior Moves by Design, a professional senior move management and real estate staging firm that helps boomers and beyond, as they transition from one home to another.  They provide services including, but not limited to, managing the physical move; services like organizing, rightsizing, selling off extra possessions, staging the current home to sell, designing the floorplans for the future home and interior decorating.  “Most senior move management companies specialize in the physical move.  We have created a unique niche’ by providing a one-stop shopping source, from managing repairs and preparing the current home to sell, all the way through artful display of collectibles in the new home,” reveals Kearney.

It is this mentality that has enabled Kearney to excel in the senior move market and earn national respect from her peers.  She was invited to present her strategy for niche’ marketing to designers at the semi-annual AmericasMart in Atlanta, who were attending a two-day conference sponsored by The Decorating and Staging Academy.

AmericasMart Atlanta is one of the world's largest permanent wholesale trade centers. Totaling over 7 million sq feet, it hosts the semi-annual Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.  It is open only to retailers and those in the design community.

Kearney and her firm, Senior Moves by Design, have moved over 200 seniors in Eastern PA, mostly by referral from senior communities and former clients.  They also partner with senior move managers in other states to coordinate long distance moves.  Jill is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and is a frequent speaker at national conferences and local senior events.  If you’re interested in having her speak at your event, visit or call 610-570-0247.  If you are a professional stager or designer and would like to connect with Jill, link up with her at

Companies that provide non-medical in-home care will be happy to know what their competitors are up to with THRIVE Media's non-medical home care benchmark report conducted in the fall of 2014 for the Lehigh Valley. The report can be characterized as an enhanced market study.

The report includes information ranging from caregiver wages to average billable hours to the top referral sources for home care companies. There is much more information available that helps an organization measure its performance to its peer group.

Over 30 non-medical home care organizations in the Lehigh Valley, PA were contacted for this survey. Not every organization met the qualifications for the survey group to be included in this report. Also, not all respondents answered each question. In many cases, this is attributed to the respondent not knowing the answer. Most participants in the survey answered at least 85% of the questions.

Click here to download a preview. To obtain a copy of the report call 855-233-7034.

The survey was conducted via telephone and allowed THRIVE to ask follow-up questions and gain more insight into industry trends, best practices, challenges and opportunities. Additional and extensive research was done on the trends and best practices including interviews with local and state government offices, nonprofits, national professional organizations, research companies and other organizations that work with non-medical home care organizations.

To discuss this report or purchase the full executive version, contact THRIVE for more information at 855-233-7034 or

THRIVE Media specializes in building brands for health and senior care organizations through communication, content and analytics.

Most who work in health or senior care in the Lehigh Valley know that there are many home care companies serving the area’s large senior population.  The best estimate puts the number of home care companies above 80 (source: THRIVE Media’s home care benchmark study, Fall 2014). Most provide companionship and personal care. Others provide medical services in one’s home. One reason that there are so many home health providers is that each one has its own niche. Southeastern Home Health Services is unique in many ways.

How Southeastern Home Health Services Serves Local Seniors

Southeastern Home Health Services not only offers skilled services at a patient’s house or in a personal care home; it also focuses on specialty disease management programs. One program is a cardiac program for patients with congestive heart failure, which includes an advanced telemonitoring system. Telemonitoring helps patients manage their illness, thus reducing hospital stays. They also have an oncology program which focuses on aggressive pain and symptom management for patients living with cancer. Southeastern is also an advocate for patient education. They teach clients and direct care workers about nutrition, medication management, and managing symptoms related to their illness. Finally, Southeastern provides all of their patients with Southeastern Connect, a “home healthcare nurse call button”, which provides an instant connection to the patient’s nurse and peace of mind to patients and their caregivers.

How Southeastern Home Health Services Helps Other LVAIP Members

Southeastern’s Inge Allen, Clinical Nurse Liaison for the Lehigh Valley, says that they can add value to LVAIP members who do not offer skilled nursing. Personal care homes, for example, can benefit from Southeastern nurses coming into the facility to coordinate services like nursing and rehabilitation. “The process is seamless,” says Inge. “We receive a referral and within less than 24 hours we can see the patient.  We can also care for specific diseases like COPD, congestive heart failure, wound care, monitor medications and treatment changes. We also educate aides at personal care homes.” Southeastern often offers blood pressure clinics at senior events and senior living communities.  

LVAIP encourages its members to get to know one another and build relationships to better serve seniors. If you would like to learn more about Southeastern Home Health Services, contact Inge Allen at 610-573-7316 or .

Many baby boomers find themselves in the sandwich generation. This is the predicament of being a caregiver for an aging parent while still raising children. It can be a difficult task especially if you're aging parent lives a distance away. There are several options you can pursue to lighten your burden and have peace of mind.

Meet their friends, neighbors and acquaintances

Your aging parent probably has friends and neighbors with whom they talk with and see. If you not know them introduce yourself and contact information. This way you can call and check in with them and conversely they can call you should they notice any changes in your parent’s behavior or routine.

Introduce yourself to your parent’s church as well as any members of social groups or organizations where they may attend. Make sure they have your contact information as well. Many times a simple introduction to a friend, neighbor or church member will be followed by an offer to check up on your parent occasionally.

It may also be prudent to visit your parent’s local bank, grocery store, and other places where he/she frequents. Provide them with your contact information should they notice a change in your parent’s habits.

Hire Services

Many services like in-home care, concierge and handymen can be contacted to help mom or dad around the house. Not only can they get things done around the house, but also they can keep them from potentially dangerous situations where the aging loved one tries to do something his or her self.

Consider a medical alarm or medical alert too. These pendants are worn around the senior’s neck and readily available to call for help should the need arise. The monthly cost is affordable and provides peace of mind.

Organization at the House

It is imperative that your aging loved one has emergency contact information available at the ready should they need it or become confused. Equally important is to have emergency contact information available in the kitchen, fridge or behind the front door. This is where most emergency personnel look for such information to call family and friends of the loved one.

Depending on the state of your parents you may need to pursue the above discreetly as to not upset them. Many older Americans can be stubborn and are embarrassed by their failing mobility and health. Be respectful of their situation but don't let their stubbornness stop you from keeping them safe. If something happens you will be glad that you did.

When seniors want to maintain their independent lives at home, they call Maintain Your Independence. Maintain Your Independence will help you decide which product is the best fit for you or your loved one. With services that start at less than $1.00 per day, isn't it time you protect yourself and your family?

Contact us today at 484-515-4683!

About Us
Maintain Your Independence
, LLC (MYI) provides medical alarms and medical alerts, products, services and information that enable seniors to remain independent and stay in their homes. We call it aging gracefully in place. Our customers call it confidence in access to emergency medical care and peace of mind that they or their loved ones are being taken care of 24/7. They no longer need to be concerned that they might fall and be unable to move for hours or even days.

The Maintain Your Independence Promise

    I will always answer any questions you have - 24/7.
    I will not sell you a service unless I think it meets your needs.
    You will always receive FREE installation and personalized instruction.
    You'll never have a long-term commitment or a price increase.
    Call Today Toll Free: 866-794-9003 or Direct: 484-515-4683

senior moves

Having the right help during a move minimizes stress and ensures a successful outcome. “Psychologists will tell us that second to losing a spouse, moving is one of life’s greatest stressors,” says Jill Duffey Kearney, president of Senior Moves by Design.  “but it doesn’t have to be!  We’ve helped hundreds of people navigate the waters of moving to a new home, by expertly managing a million little details and being cheerleaders for our clients through the process.”

Senior Moves by Design has partnered with clients, ranging in age from 55 to 95, helping them prepare for a move and successfully transition into their new home.  Mary Kay Busse, Executive Director of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), says “Senior Move Management companies like Senior Moves by Design, encourage families not to go it alone, but to engage the assistance of experts who do this every day.  It’s an investment that pays off in many ways.”

Senior Move Managers empathize with those facing a big move and understand that a lot of emotions are involved. Many seniors look forward with great anticipation, to moving into a brand new home that will alleviate the chores of home ownership and counter the isolation that many experience in their family home.  Others need to move, despite the desire to stay put. They are happy with their home full of memories and are anxious about closing that chapter and starting something new.  Many Senior Move Managers, like Kearney, got into the business because of a personal experience or connection with others who have moved.  “I helped my own parents move, from 2,000 miles away, and know the stress of flying back and forth and wanting to be there, but having to care for my own family as well. This thought is always in the forefront of my mind when I meet new families facing this situation,” Kearney says.  “We’ve helped hundreds of people successfully get from Point A to Point B, with humor, excellent organizational skills, and often a bit of family and marriage counseling thrown in.  We want a win-win for all.  Understanding, respect and compassion are the keystones of our service to these families.”  

“Most Americans suffer under the burden of too much “stuff.”  Our seniors, many of whom have lived in the same home for 40-50 years, have often amassed a lifetime of possessions, many they don’t want or care about anymore,” says Kearney.  The trick to dealing with the stuff, is to not deal with it, first! Instead, we search only for the treasures and design the new home around them, using good design and functionality to create a new place that still feels like home.  Once that’s done, our clients have a clear goal of where they’re going - and what’s not going, too!”

These items now need a new home. Kearney and her team identify what family members want first, and then using a network of trusted partners, find outlets for selling as much as possible, donating to charities where it makes sense and then disposing of the balance.  “We try to avoid throwing things out,” says Kearney.  “So many people make good use of them that we think it’s a sin to toss them in a dumpster. Besides, who wouldn’t love knowing that they can make a little money off the things that they’ve owned?”  

Auxiliary Services - Staging to Sell
Most people have to sell one home in order to buy another.  For many seniors, it’s not just a real estate transaction, but a major financial transaction, as well, if their current home is the sole means of paying for a new home. Kearney has been a professional Real Estate Stager for over a decade and her stagers uses this extra ability to help their clients maximize the return they get for their homes.  “We create a strategic plan for the home, partnering with trusted realtors to help us see what our competition looks like. We then partner with local contractors to do everything from repairing walls and repainting with contemporary colors, to a total removal of carpeting, making modest updates to kitchens and baths, correcting issues with roofs and basements and cleaning up landscaping. We can then stage the home to sell, making it appeal to target buyers. We use subtle changes such as fresh artwork, lighting and decor to make buyers fall in love. Our seniors love to see their homes freshened up and are proud to pass on a good home to a new family. It’s also nice to know that their old home, which may have been suffering from their inability to keep up with repairs, will now add to the value of the neighborhood they are  leaving behind.”

Pride in a New Home
After getting a new resident unpacked and set up in a senior community, Kearney often hears other residents say that they wish they had had help in their own moves. Many say that their homes still have unpacked boxes and don’t feel as nicely decorated as they would like. As experienced Redesigners, Kearney and her staff can not only move her seniors to a new home, but in the process, use design to make it pop.  “How a new home looks is a reflection on the one who lives there. Designing a new home or apartment so that it feels spacious and functional is good for the homeowner.  It also makes a good first impression when new friends come to visit. Families who see parents and grandparents living in beautiful new surroundings often remark that they can’t wait until they can rightsize to something as lovely and manageable as this!”

Jill Duffey Kearney is the Founder and Owner of Senior Moves by Design, a team of  Senior Move Managers, Real Estate Stagers, and Redesigners, who serve clients from the Easton to Reading and down to Phoenixville. They specialize in “joyful transitions,” an oxymoron in most people’s minds.  They also partner with senior communities grateful to find helpers to assist new residents in the physical and mental process of moving. New residents settle in quickly and engage in all the benefits of their new lifestyle. Senior Moves By Design is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). For more information call their office at 610-295-0036 or visit

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