Lehigh Valley Aging in Place (LVAIP) has been a resource helping families help seniors since 2005. The annual resource guide provides information regarding over 100 members serving senior needs, with 10,000 guides distributed yearly!

Expanding community outreach, education and programming have reached 150,000+ families and seniors over the years. LVAIP is committed to the senior population and their caregivers giving back with a Senior Dance hosting 300 seniors in the fall each year. In 2018, LVAIP hosted the Senior Expo, bringing over 200 professionals together in one space for the public, another valuable annual resource. As Senior Professionals your business involvement makes an impact for you and the population you serve. In 2018 LVAIP has diversified their community action by providing $4,000 in scholarships to senior targeted employees looking to further their influence through education. For these and so many other reasons we invite you to join our membership or use our resources!

2022 Winter Caregiving Virtual Series

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